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The Saga of the Seventh Generation: A Trilogy For Our Times by C. J. Hotchkiss is three stand alone books tracing the history of four American families from 1820 until 2020. This trilogy provides an intimate context for our current struggles with the challenges of our diversity, the transgressions of our history, and our pressing environmental responsibilities to the future. It is upmarket historical literary fiction.

Book One: The Ancestors
From 1820 to 1900. The first 3 generations
18 chapters, 87,500 words, approximately 225 pages

Book Two: Ripples
From 1900 to 1980. Generations 4 through 6
17 chapters, 90,000 words, approximately 200 pages

Book Three: All My Relations
From 1980 to 2020. The 6th and 7th generations
13 chapters, 84,000 words, approximately 150 pages

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